Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance is one of the nation's biggest non-life insurers in terms of sales revenue and assets under management, and holds an A(Excellent) credit rating from A.M.Best, A- credit rating from S&P(Standard and Poor's), renowned global credit rating agencies.

Established in March 1955, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance has been committed to developing the nation’s economy and improving citizens’ welfare. Since that time on, as a leader in the non-life insurance industry, we have been working hard to serve customers better in comprehensive insurance services including marine, fire, automobile, accident and casualty as well as long-term, pension and annuities.

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance is fulfilling its social responsibilities to customers, shareholders, employees, and communities by focusing intensely on improving customer satisfaction in product development, underwriting and claims.

By 2015, when Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance celebrates its 60th anniversary, we hope to achieve our corporate vision of becoming the insurance company that grows with customers by delivering the best services and sharing the fruit of growth with all our stakeholders.

Our New Organizational Culture has distilled those principles and values that are necessary to accomplish our responsibilities to customers and society.

To instill our management philosophy of maximizing customer satisfaction and fulfilling social responsibilities, all employees at Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance are fully committed to following the New Organizational Culture to the letter and being in compliance with all principles during the performance of their daily tasks.

Our Corporate philosophy is simple with an unwavering drive to grow the business, we want to lead the financial services industry by promoting creativeness and having customer satisfaction as the center of all management practices. Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance sets our goal of the development of the nation’s economy and improvement of citizens’ welfare.