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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against losses from unexpected risks and disasters. A standard policy will provide coverage for your home, your personal property, as well as other structures located on your property. It also provides coverage for third-party liability exposures for personal injury and/or property damage that may be unintentionally caused by household members, including household pets.

Most damage caused by disasters are typically covered by a homeowners policy, however, there are some exclusions. Typically, flood and earthquake exposures are not covered by Homeowners insurance, but protection can be purchased through a separate third-party policy. And, of course, wear and tear and maintenance-related issues are solely the homeowners' responsibility and are not covered by insurance.

Dwelling Insurance

Dwelling fire insurance typically only provides coverage for the dwelling structure. It usually does not afford any coverage, or sometimes limited coverage by endorsement, for surrounding structures or personal property. This type of insurance is usually purchased for second or seasonal homes.

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Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine cargo insurance covers the loss or damage to ships, cargo, terminals and any transport of cargo where property is transferred, acquired or held between the point of origin and final destination.