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Hyundai Insurance

U.S. Branch

Established in February 1994, the U.S. branch deals with advanced insurance products developed based on consumer-oriented principles and new insurance products designed to insure newly emerging risks in the U.S., which leads the world insurance industry.

Hyundai Insurance U.S.Branch offers high-quality insurance services to Korean companies that entered the U.S.

Your trust is our asset

From a sales and revenue standpoint, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Company commands a top 2nd rank in the domestic non-life insurance industry in Korea. Spanning over 8 regions and 56 divisions, as well as a branch office in Japan and locations in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh, Shanghai and London, Hyundai now brings the same level of policyholder excellence to the United States market through our U.S. Branch Office.

At Hyundai we consider our customers trust as our most valued asset. In fact, we are the first Korean insurance company to proclaim a "Customer Satisfaction Charter" ensuring our customers receive the very best in policyholder service, placing our customers trust as our most valued asset.

"We deliver the Best Customer Services"

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Best Service

  • Providing best-quality insurance offerings
  • Differentiated insurance services
  • Offering a variety of additional services that enhance the quality of life
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Growing with Customers

  • Shared growth with partner firms
  • Serving an increasingly critical role in the social safety net
  • Strengthening socially responsible management practices
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The Growing Company

  • Pursuing growth in core business area
  • Seeking new growth engines

Hyundai Overseas Networks

Japan flag

Tokyo / Japan

Japan Branch

The Japan branch, the only South Korean non-life insurer in the country, serves mostly Japanese companies with insurance products based on know-how and knowledge accumulated for over 40 years.

US flag


U.S. Branch

The U.S. branch, opened in February 1994, offers quality insurance services to South Korean companies operating in the world's largest insurance market. We sold personal insurance products (comprehensive housing insurance, etc.) to around 70,000 local customers in 2023.


Hyundai Investment (America), Ltd.
U.S. Branch

In September 2006, we also established an investment firm in the U.S. as a way to acquire advanced investment methods and sharpen asset management competencies.

UK flag

London / United Kingdom

London Representative Office

The London representative office, opened in July 1979, engages in market data research on rapidly changing market conditions and advanced insurance products of Lloyd's underwriters, global insurance leaders of long history and tradition in the insurance hub of London, U.K.

Germany flag

Frankfurt / Germany

Frankfurt Representative Office

The Frankfurt representative office, opened in May 2015, establishes insurance service network in Europe, provides insurance services to local South Korean companies, and engages in market data research on the European insurance market.

Vietnam flag

Hanoi / Vietnam

VietinBank Insurance, Ltd.
Hanoi Representative Office

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance opened an office in Ho Chi Minh City in 1997. In addition to offering financial services to South Korean corporations operating in Vietnam, it acts as a bridgehead for businesses looking to enter the wider Southeast Asia market. The company also opened a second representative office in Hanoi in June 2016 and acquired a 25% stake in the Vietinbank Insurance Joint Stock Corporation in June 2019. As the strategic investor of VBI, the company has been engaging in management after dispatching one of its directors to the 4-member VBI board. We hold the Steering Committee meeting for the development of VBI and seminars on our advanced insurance experience to help VBI develop new products and channels. We will continue to strengthen this partnership by drawing upon its long experience and expertise to generate even greater synergies in the future. *Closed Ho Chi Minh office in September 2020 due to reduced role.

China flag

Beijing / China

Hyundai Insurance (China) Company Ltd.
Beijing Representative Office

Shanghai / China

Shanghai Representative Office

In addition, in August 1997, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance opened a Beijing office in response to the growing importance of the insurance market in China, thereby laying the foundation for making inroads into the world's most populous country. In March 2007, we founded a subsidiary in the same city, and in February 2009, an office in Shanghai for expansion into the middle and southern region. To further expand its business realm, we opened the first branch in Qingdao of Shan Dong Province in October 2011. We continued to open offices in Guangzhou of Guangdong Province, Wuhan of Hubei Province, and Chengdu of Sichuan Provincial in 2021. Furthermore, in a response to the changing insurance market of China, we launched the JV by joining forces with the No. 1 ride-sharing service firm of China DiDiChuXing and the leading IT/investment group Legend Holdings Corporation. We will reinforce our competitiveness in insurance tech by combining DiDiChuXing's expertise in sharing economy and big data with Legend Holdings Corporation's ICT prowess, thus growing into an insurance company with an expanded sales and service network across the country.

Singapore flag


Hyundai Insurance Brokers Pte. Ltd.

In 2011, Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance established a joint venture 'Cosmos Risk Solutions Asia Pte. Ltd.' in Singapore. It restarted as an independent corporation with the new name of 'HIB, Hyundai Insurance Brokers Pte. Ltd.' in January 2016. Singapore is renowned as the hub for the Asian reinsurance market, in which Lloyd's and other leading reinsurance companies and brokers operate businesses. We expect the local subsidiary will play a key role in offering professional insurance services to South Korean companies in Asia and the Middle East and invigorate businesses with local insurers.

India flag


New Delhi Representative Office

We have also opened a new liaison office in New Delhi in April 2019 to enter India's insurance market where the growth of the economy and the insurance market is prominent. We will advance into India's non-life insurance market either by acquiring the stakes of a local insurer or setting up a JV after thorough local market research.